Accept ETH recurringly for your subscription plans

decentralized subscription payments with cryptocurrency

A payment orchestrator supporting subscription payments / recurring transactions for cryptocurrency via smart contracts.

Try out our closed beta API or just redirect to us for the payment process.

Custom subscription plans for your specific needs

Recurring payments

Accept ETH for your subscription business without your end-customers having to initiate every payment.

Easy API integration

Made with your developers on our mind to keep integration time very low.

Payout of choice

Coming soon

No volatility risk. We take care of the crypto-to-fiat conversion so you can get paid out in EUR, USD or CHF.

API demo using the testnet

You'll need MetaMask and some ropsten test ETH to create a recurring transaction

Recurring ETH transaction to a specific address

Make transactions to an address every X days. You can manage your subscriptions here.

Example use-cases:
  • online wallet
  • mining pool
  • savings address
1% automation-fee will be added on top
Every day(s)

Fiat (Custom)

Custom price:

USD daily

Crypto (Custom)

Custom price:

ETH daily

Plans with custom crypto or fiat price

With custom prices your customers have the option to choose the amount they want to pay or donate.

Example use-case:
  • donations

Plans with fixed crypto or fiat price

If you provide some kind of subscription-based service, this is your typical subscription plan.

Example use-case:
  • SaaS subscription

Crypto (Fixed)

ETH 0.02 daily

Fiat (Fixed)

USD 2.99 daily


currently about ETH 0.001

The Code

Include ambrpay.js

<script src=""></script>

Example code for plans with a fixed price.

var ambrpay = new Ambrpay("YOUR_API_KEY");

var subscriptionData = {
    subscriptionPlan: "YOUR_SUBSCRIPTIONPLAN_ID",

.then((txHash) => {
    // do something after the subscription

Link integration Beta

Don't have the resources to integrate our API into your system? Use our link integration where you can redirect your customer to our payment page. After the payment we will redirect your customer back to you.

You can even bundle multiple plans in one link.


We believe accepting payments doesn't have to be expensive;
that's why we offer the most competitive prices around without any hidden fees.

  • 1% fee per transaction
  • We will continually add other cryptocurrencies that you can offer your customers to pay you with.

Core team

Andreas Hauri

Dr. Andreas Hauri


Former CTO and Boardmember of and Coresystems
Masters in computer science
PhD in neuroinformatics from ETH Zürich

Evrim Kayaci

Evrim Kayaci


Former developer of ImmoSky AG
Head architect of the payment & bookkeeping system
Database crack, expert webcrawler and crypto enthusiast


Vincent Tresno


Tresno Consulting
Rocket Internet

Patrick Comboeuf



Andreas Vögeli



Valérie Vuillerat



Adrian Hara

Smart Contract Expert


Awards & Press

CV Competition winners

Accelerator Programm of (Batch IV)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 887968

Contact us anytime

Do you have a question or is something unclear? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Ambrpay AG
Förrlibuckstrasse 10
c/o F10 FinTech Accelerator & Incubator 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

We are an up-and-coming project solving the problem of subscription payments in the crypto world and trying to be the last payment gateway you'll need for cryptocurrency.