ambrpay - subscriptions via cryptocurrency

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ambrpay - decentralized subscription payments with cryptocurrency

The first payment gateway supporting subscriptions via smart contracts

Manage your subscriptions and recurring payments for the first time with cryptocurrency

Recurring payments

Accept cryptocurrency with your subscriptions today

Multi-Currency support

Today we support ETH payments but are adding more currencies within this year

Payout of choice

Get Payed out in USD, EUR or Crypto. You never have to touch cryptocurrency if you do not want to we take care of that!

How it works:

1. Register

Enter your business details

2. Add your subscription plans

Simply set up your subscription plans

3. Integrate our link in your webpage

Our API is as simple as it gets

Our Core Features

We make your subscription plans ready for the crypto world without you ever having to deal with crypto

Get new customers

Aquire and onboard customers that have cryptocurrencies

No volatility risk!

If your subscription plan is 12$ you will get the 12$, no matter what cryptocurrency the customer pays with. We automatically charge the amount you want in the currency you choose.

You dont need to touch crypto

We will handle all transactions regarding crypto for you. You will only see crypto if you want to keep the cryptocurrency your customer paid with.

More volume, less fees

We charge up to 3x cheaper fee rates than credit cards.


We have a dashboard to view and manage your subscriptions, subscribers and received payments

Excelent API

Super simple API integration for your developers


Core team

Dr. Andreas Hauri

CEO & Team lead of ambrpay

Former CTO and Boardmember of and Coresystems
Masters in computer science, PhD in neuroinformatics from ETH Z├╝rich

Evrim Kayaci

CTO and architectural lead of ambrpay

Former IT architect of ImmoSky AG
Head architect of the payment system
Database crack and blockchain / crypto enthusiast.

Adrian Hara

Smart Contract developer at ambrpay

Co-Founder and architect of InfiniSwiss
Crypto investor and enthusiast

Who are we

An up-and-coming project solving the problem of subscription payments in the crypto world.

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