Demo - ambrpay TRON integration

This demo uses a Shasta Testnet Smart Contract for Tron via TronLink. Make sure you are on the Shasta Testnet!
The idea of this project is to enable businesses to accept TRX (and later TRC-20 Tokens) for their subscription based services to their customers.
Smart Contract address: TASfKhc9bMaRDQcvt2yBR3hBQhnwYACfYf

TronLink Balance


Your current funds in your tronlink wallet available to put in the contract pool. Once you have funds in your pool you can automate payments from there.

Fund pool for all auto-payments


Make sure you have enough funds here for your auto-payments to take place.

Project Address Interval TRX Amount Action
Swiss Red Cross TTGMPckWp1EqeYVjSeUEy5k4bxvWabzFU6 Every days
Manual Recurring Payment Every days
Active subscriptions